Hydroelectricity uses water from rivers or stored in dams to produce electricity through the rotation of turbine blades. To manage hydroelectric plants and plan the production or storage of water and evaluate their impacts on the power market, it is necessary to know not only the rain, but also the water contained within the snowpack (snow water equivalent).
In situ measurements combined with satellite and meteorological model could improve the estimation of the snow cover and of snow water equivalent and reduce exposure to their natural variability. A proper estimation of water content in the snow could let energy producers to better manage the natural resources and make more efficient the renewable power production.


Technical feasibility of the proposed services, and establish a mock-up / prototype
The environmental benefits of the proposed services
Define business plan and models for service operations
Define a roadmap for services implementation and demonstration
Support from users and potential customers for potential follow-on and commercial stage

❖ A tool to produce an estimation of the snow water equivalent and snow cover
❖ A combination of satellite data, weather forecast modelling and in situ data
❖ Geographic coverage and pilot areas selected