Open-source software is increasingly popular, making up a large part of the most widely used end products and development libraries. The realization of such products is often shared by several organizations: universities, research institutes, SW development companies and individual professionals, the critical analysis of the code by different sources facilitates the realization of a high-quality code.
The WEBGIS software, developed with Open-Source technologies, has now reached a large number of users, thanks to reliability, sharing and continuous evolution in line with new components and additions.
ADM has always invested in the development of its own WEBGIS system for the dissemination and sharing of geographic information, based on open-source technologies also integrated with third-party software products or platforms, creating specific applications and customizations.
Our development team puts technological innovation at the center of the software production activities, implements and customizes the products and basic technologies, constantly analyzing the evolution of open-source products to ensure the durability of the product, protecting the its own investments and those of its customers.