Feasibility study for strengthening forecast-signals in agriculture through the development of innovative services in the framework of regional economic development

The purpose of the study was to determine the model, tools and criteria of analysis for the configuration of an information system capable of ensuring the functioning of data processing and management in a simple and consistent manner, having constant consultations with specialists (agronomists and veterinarians) with in-depth knowledge of treatment, disease prevention and the use of innovative technologies to assist farmers in preventing diseases, and events with adverse effects on agricultural crops.
Data and information from primary and secondary sources were used to achieve the objectives of the study; structured interviews with sector experts and farmers were used as the primary source for data collection to computerize and automate the entire administrative process of this sector.
The experts of ADM estimated that in order to contribute to the transformative growth of agriculture in Albania, one of the most important tasks is the modeling of farms and the inclusion of modern forecasting-signaling technologies, in terms of forecasting weather events in agriculture.

The forecasting signaling system enables:
- fast and accurate monitoring of diseases,
- recording and monitoring of meteorological data
- support for decision-making for the time of intervention
- reducing the required number of treatments (as one of the very high-cost processes for the farmer)
- monitoring for the prediction of natural events (frosts and floods)
- improving the quantity and quality of agricultural products

Farm predict model for performance forecasting
The tasks performed by this project are:
- Analysis and evaluation of similar international systems / practices / policies as best practices of field measurement and monitoring systems
- Feasibility study for the establishment of the operational monitoring center and preparation of terms of reference
- Analysis of the legal and institutional framework
- Analysis for the construction of the model for the predictability of diseases as well as the relevant software
- Analysis for the construction of the model of predictability of events with serious consequences for agriculture as well as the relevant software
- Assessment of survey report according to data received from questionnaire
- Reporting