Environmental Services Albanian Forest Information System (ALFIS) WebGis platform

ADM has collaborated with ARCADIA SIT in the creation of the ALFIS product for the integrated management of forests in Albania. As part of the project in role of subcontractor, ADM has carried out the following activities:

- Quality control of forest and pasture parcel data for geographic data and forest attributes;
- System test with evaluation of functionality and production of reports on any bugs;
- Staff training of: MTE, NFA, NAPA, RAPA and Municipalities in the use of all ALFIS modules;
- Remote and face-to-face support to the technicians of the Bodies involved in the project in the use of ALFIS for learning the functionality of the system and collecting any functional changes;
- Participation in the meetings held with World Bank and MTE in the analysis and verification phases of the progress of the ALFIS product developments;
- Participation in the testing phase, carried out jointly with the Customer, of the products with the production of reports aimed at solving the bugs found;
- Review / update of user manuals in English and Albanian;
- Production of translations into the Albanian language.
- Catalogue documentation
- Reporting


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