Supervision QC/QA SERVICES

ADM as subcontractor has realized GIS supervision & control in some municipalities under the contract of Arcadia SIT & Ministry of Tourism and Environment for developing of project for the supervision of cadastral parcels in forest and pasture areas, based on GIS activities.
ADM is involved in the realization of GIS control in some municipalities under the contract.Each municipality is composed by several cadastral zone; responsibility of the ADM is to elaborate the geographic data coming from the data supplier and pass them to the Contractor to verify the quality using GIS technology and methodology defined in contract.
The total number of municipalities involved in the contract are 42 The number of municipalities in charge to the ADM is 20.
Below are listed the main activities in charge to the Contractor, for each cadastral zone:

- analysis of geographical data;
- verification of parcels photointerpretation using the orthophoto: border and classification of each polygon, digitalizing a centroid where will find anomalies in the data;
- verification of property data for each parcel using the” wfm” platform developed by the Client;
- verification of all the alphanumeric data of each parcel (RIM, Parcel Book, IPK)
- verification of system coordinate references of the geographic data
- technical annexes compilation in English and production of the Albanian version
- writing of technical reports for the anomalies founded, grouped for municipality
- support in field verification for the cadastral zone borders in which the municipality involved will found anomalieso training
- Review of works
- Final Report