Topographic Database (DBT)-Services

Joint venture of (Corvallis Spa, AEROSIGMA, SIT and ArcadiaSIT),have signed a contract with Lombardia Region. ADM is selected to be subcontractor in order to develop Topographic Database services as below:
General Objectives
JV is developing a Topographic Database (DBT) for a large area of Lombardia Region, based on GIS activities and Italian National standard technical specification “INTESA GIS”.
ADM is involved in the realization of some layer of the DBT, for 5 lots of production.
Each lot is composed by several municipalities; responsibility of the Client is to elaborate the geographic data coming from the restitution and pass them to the Contractor.
Below are listed the main activities provided and delivered by ADM for each lot:
- Analysis of geographical data
- Photointerpretation of orthophoto and classification of each polygon per layer, digitalizing a centroid with a standard class preview by the technical specifications - Verification of each polygon per layer and editing when needed to correct the polygon shape
- Writing of technical reports for the anomalies founded

Data Integration